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Wells Fargo Media Contacts

We know how important it is for members of the media to report the facts quickly and accurately.

If you are unsure who to contact, please email us at

Media contacts to follow are organized by Region, Corporate & Enterprise, and By Line of Business categories.

Media Contacts by Region


Maryland, Washington, D.C.

Del Galloway
Phone: 202-380-8050

Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Maegan Lewis
Phone: 704-374-2557

North Carolina

Josh Dunn
Phone: 704-374-4835

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Greater Central Valley

Yahaira Garcia-Perea
Phone: 559-437-7622

Greater Sacramento Area

Julie Campbell
Phone: 916-678-3653

Central Los Angeles

Amanda Scott
Phone: 415-710-5188

Foothill Valley

Juan Lopez
Phone: 805-318-0270

Inland Empire

Brian Lucero-Contreras
Phone: 619-314-2689

Juan Lopez
Phone: 805-318-0270

California (Los Angeles) and Pacific North (Alaska, Oregon, Washington)

Paul Gomez
Phone: 213-253-3720

Los Angeles County

Josefina Talavera
Phone: 213-253-3424

Juan Lopez
Phone: 805-318-0270

Orange County

Amanda Scott
Phone: 415-710-5188

Central Coast

Juan Lopez
Phone: 805-318-0270

San Diego and Imperial Counties

Brian Lucero-Contreras
Phone: 619-314-2689

San Francisco Bay area

Ruben Pulido
Phone: 415-852-1279

Edith Robles
Phone: 415-613-9119

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Florida & Southeast (Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Rosanna Fiske
Phone: 305-523-2583

South and Central Florida

Gaby Lambertus
Phone: 305-523-2529

North Florida

Roshana Gossoff
Phone: 305-523-2611

West Florida

Jacob Jordan
Phone: 404-214-3805

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Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota

Steve Carlson
Phone: 515-245-8289

Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming

Julie Fogerson
Phone: 208-519-3351

Montana, Wisconsin

Heather Meyer
Phone: 515-322-7125

North Dakota, South Dakota

Staci Schiller
Phone: 605-575-6343


Tony Timmons
Phone: 702-791-6521

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Kevin Friedlander
Phone: 908-907-1317


Crystal Dundas
Phone: 215-437-2006

New England Region

Briana Curran
Phone: 617-854-4371

New Jersey

Crystal Dundas
Phone: 215-437-2006

Stephanie Ahenkora
Phone 908-370-4061

New York

Kevin Friedlander
Phone: 908-907-1317

Stephanie Ahenkora
Phone: 908-370-4061


Jim Baum
Phone: 215-341-0273

Crystal Dundas
Phone: 215-437-2006

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Pacific North

Alaska, Oregon, Washington

David Kennedy
Phone: 907-830-3139

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Florida & Southeast (Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee)

Rosanna Fiske
Phone: 305-523-2583


Jacob Jordan
Phone: 404-214-3805

Mississippi and Tennessee

Roshana Gossoff
Phone: 305-523-2611

Alabama and South Carolina

Amy Amirault
Phone: 843-937-4459

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Southwest (AR, AZ, NM, NV, TX, San Diego / Imperial Counties / Inland Empire CA)

Michael King
Phone: 713-319-1505


LiAna Enriquez
Phone: 602-378-1253

Texas: Dallas Fort Worth

Michael King
Phone: 713-319-1505

Texas: Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Beaumont

Tymika Morrison
Phone: 713-319-1752

Texas: North Texas/Upper Brazos and South Texas/El Paso

Camille Brewer
Phone: 713-319-1772


Tony Timmons
Phone: 702-791-6521

San Diego / Imperial Counties / Inland Empire

Brian Lucero-Contreras
Phone: 619-688-3450

New Mexico

Franchesca Pancham
Phone: 505-765-5054


Michael King
Phone: 713-319-1505

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The International communications team supports Wells Fargo’s global footprint. In the Asia Pacific region, the Americas region (Canada and Latin America), and the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, Wells Fargo serves mid- and large-sized companies through lines of business including corporate and investment banking, commercial real estate, capital finance, and asset management. Our international footprint also includes global capability centers that deliver services to our businesses.


Aimee Worsley

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Region

Deirdre O'Meara

Asia Pacific (APAC) Region

Rebecca Galarowicz
Phone: +852-6777-5078

Canada and Latin America Regions

Andrea Tilkes
Phone: +1-612-673-8626

Enterprise Global Services (India, Philippines)

Anamika Iyengar

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Media Contacts for Corporate and Enterprise Communications

Corporate Media Relations

Corporate Media Relations team supports media relations for corporate news, CEO, Board of Directors and Public Affairs, Community Relations and Marketing groups. It also includes the contact for media inquiries about our Marketing.

Please note: all advertising requests should be sent to

Corporate Media Relations - CEO and Board of Directors

Arati Randolph
Phone: 704-383-6996

Jennifer Langan
Phone: 213-598-1490

Ancel Martinez
Phone: 415-350-6840

Federal Government Relations and Public Policy

Erika Reynoso
Phone: 571-552-5949

State and Local Government Relations

Kris Dahl
Phone: 612-247-3934

Wells Fargo Foundation and Corporate Responsibility

Kim Erlichson
Phone: 908-598-3921

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

E.J. Bernacki
Phone: 415-840-4469

Wells Fargo Housing Philanthropy & Strategic Initiatives 

Chris Hammond
Phone: 415-310-9152

Wells Fargo Housing Philanthropy & Community Programs

Stephanie Grant
Phone: 760-317-6505

Marketing, Multicultural and Segments

Catherine Pulley
Phone: 917-260-1673

or Advertising inquiries/solicitations:

Diverse Segments – Cross-Segment and Asian

Edna Silva
Phone: 714-257-4694

Diverse Segments - Hispanic and Native American

Carolina Guana
Phone: 602-416-5134

Diverse Segments - African American and LGBT

Michael McCoy
Phone: 704-773-8096

Diverse Segments - Military/Veterans 

Chloe Kerr 
Phone: 213-253-3721 

Diverse Segments - People with Disabilities

Claudia Huizar
Phone: 619-535-5346  

Marketing - Advertising, branding and Wells Fargo Museums

Holly Rockwood
Phone: 415-396-1891

or Advertising inquiries/solicitations:

Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer Communications

Holly Rockwood
Phone: 415-396-1891 

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Enterprise Functions Media Relations

The Enterprise Functions Media Relations team manages media inquiries for Finance, Corporate Risk, Technology (including information security, cybersecurity, and technology infrastructure), Human Resources, Legal, Audit, Operations, Regulatory Relations, and Corporate Properties.

Mark Folk
Phone: 704-383-7088

Peter Gilchrist
Phone: 704-715-3213

Beth Richek
Phone: 704-374-2545

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Media Contacts by Line of Business

Consumer Banking, Small Business, and Consumer Lending Media Relations

Manage media inquiries for Consumer and Small Business Banking & Consumer Lending, including Regional Banking, Innovation, Treasury Services, Virtual Channels, Deposits and Operations. Consumer Banking media contacts also cover ATM Banking, Consumer Deposits, Debit/Prepaid Card, Campus Card, Online and Mobile Banking. Consumer Lending includes Personal Lending, Wells Fargo Auto, Wells Fargo Home Lending, Cards and Retail Services.

Consumer and Small Business Banking; Consumer Lending Group

Mary Eshet
Phone: 704-383-7777

Strategy, Digital, Innovations & Credit Card

Amy Hyland Jones
Phone: 704-906-8337

Branch Banking

Julia Tunis Bernard
Phone: 415-222-3810

Vickee Adams

Operations/Contact Centers

Jim Seitz
Phone: 612-316-2447

Deposit Products Group (checking and savings accounts; Zelle, Global Remittance Services, and deposit payment products)

Stacy Kika
Phone: 213-253-6503

Small Business Communications, Small Business Lending, Practice Finance

Manuel Venegas
Phone: 213-253-6531

Enterprise Financial Health Communications

Catherine Pulley
Phone: 917-260-1673

Personal Loans, Student Loans

Manuel Venegas
Phone: 213-253-6531

Auto Lending, Veteran Auto Donation

Natalie Brown
Phone: 775-689-6123

Home Lending

Paul Turner
Phone: 415-603-7023

Tom Goyda
Phone: 314-875-8222

Advancing Homeownership, Diverse Segments, Homebuyer Education and Financial Health

Veronica Clemons
Phone: 704-715-5145

Veteran Home Donations, Community and Urban Stabilization Program

Jim Hines
Phone: 312-945-6635

Digital Platform and Cards, Retail and Merchant Services

Hilary O’Byrne
Phone: 415-715-4958

Digital Platform (Wells Fargo Digital Labs, online and mobile banking, digital payments)

Stephanie Schwab
Phone: 704-572-9165

Cards, Retail and Merchant Services

Sarah DuBois
Phone: 612-401-5869

Innovation Group, Treasury Management & Payment Solutions and Data Management & Insights

Alice Hartnett
Phone: 704-715-9115

Innovation Group, Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator and Emerging Technologies

Alice Hartnett
Phone: 704-715-9115

Roger Cabrera
Phone: 303-513-5067

Treasury Management and Payment Solutions, APIs and Commercial online and mobile banking

Amy Konrath
Phone: 704-410-5528

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Regional Banking

The Regional Banking team supports media inquiries about our company’s retail banking operations and branches.

Regional Banking - States with Retail Presence (AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, MD, MO, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY)

Bridget Braxton
Phone: 704-715-6642

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Wealth & Investment Management

Wealth & Investment Management (WIM) encompasses Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM), Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII), Wells Fargo Private Wealth Management (The Private Bank and Abbot Downing), Wells Fargo Advisors (brokerage).

Wealth and Investment Management

Richele Messick
Phone: 651-724-5234

Private Wealth Management

Kathleen Leary
Phone: 415-396-4024

Vince Scanlon
Phone: 336-842-7687

Julie Andrews
Phone: 704-374-4828

Erica Hiquet
Phone: 415-840-5534

Sandy Deem
Phone: 704-374-2710

Wells Fargo Advisors (Brokerage)

Shea Leordeanu
Phone: 314-875-4043

Kim Yurkovich
Phone: 314-875-4042

Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII)

Allison Chin-Leong
Phone: 212-214-6674

Robert Julavits
Phone: 646-618-2790

Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM)

Robert Julavits
Phone: 646-618-2790

Jeanette Foster
Phone: 415-228-5731

Sarah Kerr 
Phone: 617-834-5973 

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Commercial Banking

The Commercial Banking corporate communications team supports our Commercial Banking lines of businesses that serve our commercial, corporate, and government customers. Below you will find media contacts for Wells Fargo economists and analysts; Commercial Banking and Commercial Capital.

Commercial Banking, Risk/Control and Operations

Matt Hurwitz
Phone: 415-396-6964

Commercial Banking (National)

Katie Ellis
Phone: 415-222-3767

Commercial Banking (Central U.S.)

Lindsay Bosek
Phone: 980-260-9579

Commercial Banking (Eastern U.S.)

Dana Obrist
Phone: 980-307-9583

Commercial Banking (Western U.S.)

Sarah Hatch
Phone: 505-818-7480

Commercial Banking — Specialized Industries Jen Hibbard

Phone: 415-396-4609

Commercial Capital; Capital Finance, Commercial Distribution Finance (CDF), Equipment Finance, Renewable Energy, Environmental Finance, Strategic Capital and Specialty Finance

Liz Lange

Capital Finance, Corporate Trust, Global Receivables and Trade

Trisha Schultz
Phone: 314-875-3863

Equipment Finance, Environmental Finance, Renewable Energy, Specialty Finance Lender Finance and Healthcare Finance

Trina Shepherd
Phone: 312-630-2315

Commercial Distribution Finance, Specialty Finance Restaurant, Hotel Franchise and Strategic Capital

Hayley Anklam
Phone: 415-769-1027

Issues Management

Gabe Boehmer
Phone: 503-830-9995

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Corporate & Investment Banking and Commercial Real Estate

The Corporate & Investment Banking corporate communications team supports our lines of businesses that serve our corporate, government, and institutional customers. Below you will find media contacts for Wells Fargo economists and analysts in Corporate & Investment Banking and Commercial Real Estate.

Risk/Control and Operations

Matt Hurwitz
Phone: 415-396-6964

Corporate and Investment Banking

Hannah Sloane
Phone: 212-214-5257

Corporate and Investment Banking; Coverage, Financial Institutions Group, Capital Markets and M&A

Michelle Palomino
Phone: 305-523-2533

Corporate and Investment Banking; Economics and Macro

Lylah Holmes
Phone: 704-410-1018

For copies of WFS Research Reports, email:

Corporate and Investment Banking; Securities Research, Strategy and Public Finance

AnnMarie McDonald
Phone: 212-214-5900

Commercial Real Estate; Real Estate Banking, Structured Real Estate, Multifamily Capital, REIT Finance, Community Lending & Investment, Specialty Real Estate Finance

Kelly Reilly
Phone: 314-242-3843

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